POWERTEC 71755 Safety Power Tool Paddle Switch for Router Tables, Table saws and Other Machinery, Single Phase, 120V, 1 PK

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Product Overview


Introducing the Safety Power Tool Paddle Switch by POWERTEC.

  • INCLUDES: (1) Safety Paddle Switch for Power Tools | (1) 5.5 Ft Male Cord End 3 prong | 1.5 Ft Female Cord End
  • FUNCTION: If you need to shut off the power immediately, it can be dangerous and troublesome to hunt around for a switch under your router table or table saw. This power tool switch paddle provides you with a hands-free emergency power off switch designed to safeguard your routers, table saws and woodworking machines
  • FEATURES: Easy to reach, large color coded emergency STOP paddle for accessibility and visibility. Can easily be mounted on any convenient surface.
  • EASY SET-UP: The emergency power box switch comes with two heavy duty cords. The female cord accepts the power source plug from your router and/or other woodworking machines. The 3 prong male cord seamlessly plugs into your wall outlet without any complicated wiring
  • RATED: Single phase switch, Dual voltage 120V smart switch, 1/2 HP/16 amps at 120 volts | Approved according to UL standards.

This single phase power switch provides you with a heavy duty, hands-free safeguarding component for your workshop, woodworking machines and power tools. It features an easy-to-locate, easier-to-use design that eliminates the need to constantly search underneath your table top for your power tool switch.

Smart Design

The paddle switch features a keyless design with large visible buttons. It possesses (2) throws so you can switch both hot and neutral or both phases of a 120V line. It’s large profile is showcased with a set of color coded start & stop features. The large red emergency stop paddle is conveniently sized for workflow visibility.

Plug and Play

The switch also features a quick and easy wiring configuration that allows you to use immediately. Mount the paddle switch where you want it and remember whether you want the cords to be visible or hidden. Connect the female cord to your power tool plug and then plug the switch male cord into your wall outlet. Both included cords are heavy duty and designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear commonly associated with workshop use.


Commonly used with routers, table saws, drill press, bandsaws, woodworking machines and other power tools. It can also work as an excellent replacement stop paddle for most popular name brand power tools, including brands such as Craftsman, Shop Fox, Grizzly and many others.


  • Single phase
  • Dual voltage 120
  • 1/2 HP/16 amps at 120V

Package Contains

  • Power Tool Paddle Switch
  • 5.5 ft long Male Cord
  • 1.5 ft long Female Cord


POWERTEC is a leading manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools and accessories, machines, and an assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the latest innovations, technology, and product development to the industry.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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