Workshop Safety - Featherboards and Push Sticks

Posted by Powertec on Sep 30th 2020

Workshop safety is a key component of all successful projects. It's part of the pride that comes with a job well done. When dealing with table saws and router tables, there's no room to "learn from … read more

Be Clean, Go Green-Compostable Food Storage Bags

Posted by Powertec on Sep 17th 2020

POWERTEC is proud to announce a new product, compostable food storage bags. These join our "green and sustainable" line of products which include compostable garbage bags, which come in … read more

Guide Rails & Straight Rips

Posted by Powertec on Aug 18th 2020

Great for Industry Professionals or HobbyistsCircular saws are versatile workshop tools that can manage a wide variety of cuts; however, they can fall short of expectations when accuracy and pr … read more

A Smooth Cut by POWERTEC

Posted by Powertec on Jun 11th 2020

Blade that Truly Makes the Cut Whether you’re in the metalworking industry or have a DIY woodworking project on the rise, using the right materials and equipment can be the ultimate facto … read more

A Letter From Powertec

Posted by Powertec on Mar 19th 2020

There is no doubt that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the top of everyone’s minds, and has demanded the attention of both, our personal and professional lives. No matter your rank, occupation or loca … read more