75041 Self-Cleaning Fleece Bag for Fein Turbo I, 5PK

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Product Overview

Amplify the dust extraction capacity of your dust collector with the POWERTEC 75041 Fleece Bags for Fein Turbo 1, 5PK.

These premium, high efficiency bags have the unique capability to continuously self-clean, and thus ensure nonstop peak performance that actually increases with use and lasts until the bag is virtually full. The micro fibers of the bag’s 3-Ply fleece pick up a wide variety of particles that paper bags just don’t capture, from large-sized debris to fine particles; this insures that sawdust, other micro-dust, allergens, cement and drywall dust, small particulate matter and other unwanted pollutants get sucked out of your environment and into these rugged, secure bags. And because fleece acts as a potent filtering layer, there is less stress put on both the filter and the motor of your dust collector itself, thus preserving and protecting your whole dust collection system - and you won’t need to clean your filter nearly as often. These superior bags are both tear and clog resistant for maximum durability and utility. Lastly, a well-designed port-flap delivers a tight, secure closure that effectively prevents dust/debris from leaking into your shop environment during waste disposal. Cleaner, fresher air and tidier workroom surfaces are a cinch to achieve with these high-performing vacuum bags. This innovative accessory will be a strong link in your dust collection system. Available in a handy 5PK.

  • High-quality replacement bags for your Fein Turbo 1 or 2 (model 9-20-27, 9-20-28)
  • Auto-cleaning 3-ply fleece - - the utmost in easy, clean and tidy dust collection
  • Acts as an ultra-effective pre-filter, keeps your vacuum and filter in better working condition
  • Won’t leak dust/debris during waste disposal. Clog and tear resistant for superior durability
  • Perform at peak capacity virtually until the bag is full