71393 Dual Universal Featherboards for Multi-Functional Woodworking - 2 Pack


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Product Overview

Introducing the Dual Universal Featherboards by POWERTEC.


  • INCLUDES: (2) Featherboards with Threaded 5 Star Knobs, T-Bolts, and Miter Slot Brackets
  • FUNCTION: Provides optimal feed control and holding action for your stock with minimal kickback to provide you with high precision cuts
  • FEATURES: This kit possesses additional hardware for adaptive mounting solutions, including miter slot brackets for horizontal mounting, vertical mounting for 3” multi-tracks and plastic spacers for stackable featherboards
  • VERSATILE: This feather board contains a miter lock system (plus a reversible profile) that is compatible with both, t-slots and miter slots for table saws, band saws and router tables
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Manufactured in color-alert orange, these featherboards are quick and easy to adjust and are molded out of high quality plastic designed to give you functional flexibility and long term usage


Whether using a tablesaw, band saw or router table, these feather boards are designed to provide you with just enough pressure to help you mount (secure) your wood & work stock for high precision cuts with minimal kickback. Ultimately, they allow for a safer and more efficient workflow for the professional or DIY enthusiast. These must-have accessories are perfect for both, a miter slot or t-slot, and simply open up your project flexibility being able to utilize your go-to woodworking tools through versatile mounting solutions.


Our Universal Featherboards are made out of premium plastic material that give you highly flexible profiles and durability for long-term usage. The kit includes 4 ergonomically designed and easy-to-adjust knobs for comfort and convenience.



  • Miter Lock System works with any standard t-slot or miter slot (3/4” x 3/8”) – offering you versatility for an assortment of applications.
  • Includes additional mounting hardware for both vertical and horizontal mounting – allowing you to work with any number of table saws, band saws and router tables.
  • Contains spacers that pair both featherboards – used to create elevation and double stacking.
  • Comes with everything you need to safely mount your stock - for seamless integration.


Kit Contains

(2) Featherboards

(4) 5 Star Threaded Lock Knobs

(4) Miter Slot Brackets

(4) 2” Special Screws (5/16”-18 TPI)

(2) 3” Stacking Screws

(4) 2-1/2” T-Slot Tee Bolts

(4) Flat Washers

(4) Plastic Spacers 1/2” dia by 3/8” height



Product Manual: view PDF file


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -