71002 Abrasive Cleaning Stick 8-1/2"

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Product Overview


Our Sanding Belt Cleaning Stick works like a charm - every time. Its the perfect abrasive belt cleaner - it successfully cleans whatever sanding component you're using. This sanding belt cleaner stick is easy to use and it cleans so effectively - for a great user experience through many a successful projects.

  • INCLUDES: (1) Abrasive Cleaning Stick 8-1/2" x 1-1/2 " x 1-1/2" Large Size
  • FUNCTION: Extends the lifespan of your sanding disc, belts and other sander equipment by removing sawdust, pitch, gum, glue and other residue without damaging the grit
  • PREMIUM: Made with a professional grade all-natural rubber construction, this sanding eraser is designed for durability and comes with an extended length and sizable girth to take on most of your sandpaper cleaning jobs
  • EASY TO USE: While the sander is running, hold eraser stick against your selected abrasive to remove the build-up, clogged dust, debris and particles – returning a like new look to your sanding surface.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for cleaning sanding belts, disc sanders, drum sanders, skateboard grip tape, rubber bottom shoes (Not intended for plastic or use on conveyor-feed type sanders) 
  • Please note: Works best on cured or dry residue

 Works Great For

  • Sanding disc and sanding belt cleaning
  • Post job cleaning
  • Woodworking sanding job clean up
  • Oily and pitchy sanding jobs
  • Grip tape cleaner
  • Anytime you get buildup on your sanding accessories


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -