MT4006 Workbench with Bamboo Top


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Product Overview

The POWERTEC Workstand with Bamboo Top is the ultimate "must have" accessory for any woodworking professional or hobbyist. 

  • Large working surface accommodates a wide variety of woodworking projects
  • Bamboo is harder and has greater tensile strength, and is warp, swell and compression-resistant
  • Includes vise capacity and adjustable swiveling bench dogs for ultra-versatile clamping capacity- even on irregularly shaped stock
  • Stand is lightweight and collapses flat for hassle-free portability and efficient storing capacity
  • Enables a convenient (ergonomic) work height of 29-7/8-inches

This streamlined unit is lightweight (at 11 lbs) and folds up compact for easy transport and storage. Featuring a solid bamboo top housed in a rugged steel frame, this convenient hard-working unit insures you the utmost in the work-base stability and solidity that is essential for ensuring successful project outcomes. The stand top is split into two modules that together measure 9-1/2 x 23-7/8-Inches. The Bamboo construction provides an ideal work surface because it is warp, swell and compression-resistant, and is harder than hardwood. In fact, this environmentally sustainable material is rapidly becoming the workstand surface/vise of choice among industry, professional and home-based woodworkers. 

You can easily customize your bench with clamping accessories, or install a wide variety of jigs and power tools because the top is set with handy pre-drilled bench holes. This feature insures the user the maximum stand versatility, usability and efficacy. Uniquely designed to operate as both a classic workbench and a high performing vise, this ideal workstation will meet the demands of a vast array of woodworking applications. When implementing the vise facility of the tabletop, just utilize the two handy cranks to adjust the clamping action on your stock. The table board segments can separate for an additional 3-1/2-Inches in depth, thus allowing the user to attach a wider variety of jigs and power tool, or to accommodate stock of various shapes and sizes in the vise grip. Each crank can be operated with one hand, and has the ability to operate independently of the other. This is an especially useful feature when clamping down on stock that is irregularly shaped, such as those pieces with tapered, circular, uneven or irregular dimensions. Stock can also be positioned vertically. The four swiveling bench dogs (also included in this purchase) can be used in conjunction with the cranks, or by themselves, thus increasing the functionality and versatility of your vise.

And there's more. A handy imprinted ruler further enhances project precision. The flared out design of the steel legs further safeguard essential stand stability. The included plastic feet are mar and slide resistant. A useful built-in storage compartment offers easy accessibility to your hand tools and accessories for the ultimate in work flow convenience.
Streamlined unit, useful and innovative features, easy transport and storage, constructed to last, a multitude of clamping options - the POWERTEC Workstand with Solid Bamboo Top is your ultimate workbench solution. Accommodate up to 220 lbs. Hardware and bench dogs are included.


Product Specifications

  • Work Top (Open): 13-Inch x 23-7/8-Inch, Closed 9-1/2-Inch x 23-7/8-Inch
  • Max. Vise Clamp opening 3-9/16-Inch
  • Max. Bench Dog Clamping: 9-3/8-Inch
  • Max. Load Capacity: 220 lbs



Product Manual: view PDF file

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