71584 Angled Contour Sanding Pad and Grips for Inside Curves and Corner Sanding-5 pcs


Product Overview


  • INCLUDES: Angled Contour Sanding Grips and Pad
  • FUNCTION: Designed to produce high precision sanding on interior/exterior corners, curves and angles without diminishing or distorting the sharpness of the contour of the work piece
  • APPLICATIONS: Perfect for intricate furniture sanding, detailing, or for moldings, fluting, dowels, sign making, cabinet restoration, edging applications, and more
  • FEATURES: Grips with 30°, 45°, 60° 75°and 90° contoured grip tips, a 1/8” and 1/4” Round Over Contour Sanding Grip plus a flat sanding pad used for curved profiles
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Each 2-3/4” wide pad is made to fit a quarter sheet of sandpaper – helping to reduce hand fatigue, and is crafted out of flexible, non-marring thermoplastic material that keeps its structural integrity

These specialized sanding tools were designed to help deliver precise sanding action on interior and exterior corners, curves, and angles for many of your woodworking projects. Whether furniture refinishing, detailing or performing decorative work – these contour pads are able to get into a lot of the tricky places with an impressively smooth surface as the end result. And their non-marring build allows them to do so without distorting or diminishing the surrounding profile. Simply put, they’ll make your job much easier while creating a seamless workflow and productive environment.


Functional Design

These sanding accessories are made from premium thermoplastic material and possess a firm, yet flexible design that adapts to the variations in your workpiece. The grips have dual ends to accommodate an assortment of shapes and designs. The sharp edges are durable and do not lose their shape after sanding inside. This also allows for square edges without rounding over. The texture of each grip keeps the sand paper from slipping. The 2-3/4” wide grips are made to fit a quarter sheet of sandpaper, and provide a comfortable grip that’s designed to reduce hand fatigue. They also don’t possess the additional weight that many of the bulkier angled sanding blocks carry.

These contour sanding tools are handy and extremely easy to use. They don’t require any additional tools and allow you to achieve a variety of high precision results. Wrap the sandpaper around one of the grips/pads.


Package Contains

  • 30 degree and 45 degree Angled Contour Sanding Grip
  • 60° and 75° ACSG
  • 90° and Flat ACSG
  • 1/8” and 1/4” Round Over Contour Sanding Grip
  • Flat Sanding Pad – used to sand curved profiles


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -