80002 Universal Angle Template Tool-Optimized Angle-izer Tool, ABS, Yellow

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Product Overview

This optimized universal Angle Template Tool is an ingenious, four-sided slide-able ruler that allows you to accurately measure, trace, transfer and cut perfect angles in a vast array of applications. Forms to the shape of any angle and easily becomes an ultra-precise stencil. Enjoy the satisfaction of making repeatable angles wherever and whenever you need them.

  • FUNCTION: This precision angle template tool allows you to easily and effectively measure, transfer and create perfect, precise and repeatable angles in your wood working shop, and beyond.
  • FEATURING: This exclusive template tool offers comfortable, one handed usability to ensure measuring ease and efficiency, and is indexed in both standard and imperial scale – clearly marked for quick and accurate measurement
  • MULTI-USE: Loosen screws to slide ruler into the desired angle size - whether measuring an existing angle or for drawing/creating angles for a project – then tighten screws to securely lock in your angle’s specs.; Essential for use in your woodworking, tiling, flooring, deck, roofing, arches, fencing, brick, laminate, furniture, masonry, arts & crafts, fencing projects and in many other professional and DIY applications – anytime your project requires flawless, uniform and repeatable angles
  • CONSTRUCTION: Ruler is constructed of hardened plastic (ABS) for durability, and wear-resistance; bolts and threads are constructed of super carbon steel for rugged performance and are plastic-coated so they won’t mar the tool body or your stock.
  • COMPACT CARRY/STORE: This precision measurement tool folds up, neat and compact for hassle-free carrying from jobsite to site and low impact storage.

Streamlined Use

To use, simply loosen screws and adjust to exact angle measurement, tighten in desired placement, and transfer with impeccable precision and ease. Even cutting odd angles is a cinch with this handy guide. One-handed usability ensures a streamlined workflow. Featuring a clearly marked index - in both inches and millimeters - for optimal versatility. It’s so fast and easy to cut the flawless angles that make for perfect projects. Productivity rules with this ultimate angle generator.

Optimized Construction

The tool frame is constructed of wear-resistant (ABS) hardened plastic for durability and light-weight use. Bolts and threads are constructed of carbon steel forrugged performance - and plastic coated so they won’t mar the tool body or your work-piece surface.

High-Efficiency Applications

Essential for your jobs in tiling, flooring, deck building, general woodworking, roofing, fencing, furniture, masonry, metal working, arts & crafts - a multitude of layout projects, and more. Can be used in most any industry or field. Makes easy, accurate work of what used to be a tricky, time consuming task. Save time and material loss because you get it right the first time. When finished, simply fold it up for easy carry and store. For professionals and DIY’rs alike, you can’t go wrong with this top quality measurement instrument. Measure your way to angled perfection.


Product Manual: view PDF file


WARNINGThis product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylonitrile, Styrene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and Butadiene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov