75024 High Efficiency Filter Bags for Shop Vac 9066200 (10-14 Gallon)/ VF2005, 3 PK

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Product Overview

The POWERTEC High Efficiency Filter Bags optimize the performance of your wet/dry vacuum by efficiently capturing fine dust particles. Great for the collection of drywall dust, fine filtration, cement dust.

  • Value: pack of (3) Premium replacement filter bags
  • Compatibility: disposable filter bag designed to work exclusively with a Shop-Vac (9066200 | VF2005) 10 – 14 gallon Style F
  • Purpose: optimizes the performance of your shop vacuum by successfully capturing all types of dust (including drywall & cement), dirt, mites, pollen and other particles
  • Premium quality: disposable filters feature a 2-ply design, and offer a perfect fit for your shop Vac
  • VERSATILE: This vacuum cleaner filter bag works perfectly in vacuuming DRY materials, such as dry dirt, wood chips, sawdust and debris.