71631 6 Inch Bench Grinder Buffing Wheel Kit w/ 3pcs Polishing Compound Set


Product Overview

Introducing the 6 Inch Buffing Wheel and Polishing Compound Kit by POWERTEC.


  • 6” Buffing Wheels: Includes (1) 40 ply treated yellow buffing wheel for cutting and coarse buffing, (1) 40 ply loose cotton buffing wheel for ultra fine polishing, and (1) 40 ply white cotton buffing wheel to deliver a high luster
  • Polishing Compounds: 3pc color coded set contains (1) Black Emery bar for fast cutting and scratch removal on hard metals, (1) White Diamond compound rogue for polishing softer metals or plastics and (1) Green Rouge bar for an all-encompassing premium luster
  • Kit Function: Designed for high efficiency polishing, cutting, cleaning and restoration on hard woods and metals (including: aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, brass, cast-iron)
  • Project Versatility: Perfect for knife and blade rejuvenation, polishing jewelry, belt buckles, buffing rims, automotive projects and more
  • Compatibility: Buff wheels feature a 1/2” arbor center hole perfect for most standard bench grinders and polisher machines, but also used with angle grinders, drill press and other rotary power tools


This complete buffing and polishing set serves as a vital component to many of your standard and advanced restoration applications. It is designed to provide you with an assortment of versatile polishing tools to help you buff and restore old, dull and rusty items back to new.


Contains 3 Multi-Purpose Buffing Wheels

Yellow: 40 ply | 6 Inches | Treated | Allows for aggressive cutting action and coarse buffing.

Loose Cotton: 40 ply | 6 Inches | Loosely stitched for soft, non-abrasive, ultra fine polishing.

White Cotton: 40 ply | 6 Inches | Great for polishing hard to reach surfaces, while delivering an impressive luster.


Each buffing wheel is excellent for carrying compounds and balanced distribution. They are designed for long-term, repeatable usage while delivering optimal project versatility - including automotive trimming, metal cutting, jewelry polishing, and post sanding applications. They can even give your knife blades a final buff finish with exceptional luster. They each have a 1/2” arbor hole suitable for most standard sized bench buffers, grinders and polishing machines.


Contains 3 Polishing Compounds

Black Emery Bar: For fast cutting, scratch removal and coarse buffing on stainless steel and other hard metals.

White Diamond Bar: For polishing softer metals or plastics.

Green Rouge Bar: All-Purpose | Removes minor scratches and imperfections while also bringing out the best possible shine and luster for your material’s complexion.


Kit Perfect For

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Chrome
  • Iron
  • Hard Wood
  • Platinum
  • Stone
  • Stainless Steel


*For Optimal Compatibility See the POWERTEC BF600 6 Inch Heavy Duty Bench Buffer Machine



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -