71451 Deluxe Table Saw Push Block | Dual Ergonomic Handles w/Max Grip


Product Overview

Introducing the Deluxe Table Saw Push Block by POWERTEC.

This woodworking push block was designed to work seamlessly with your table saw set up, allowing you to keep a steady and secure downward pressure on your workpiece without the bounce or chatter as it crosses the cutters blades. This must-have tool flaunts an ergonomic, dual-handed design that puts the control in your hands while permitting optimal pressure and maneuverability. 

  • INCLUDES: (1) Dual Handle Push Block (2-3/4” wide x 15-7/8” long x 5-1/2” push handle)
  • FUNCTION: Woodworking tool that provides added hand safety while guiding wood for sawing and cutting - allowing you to maintain a firm and steady downward pressure of the workpiece, without the bounce or chatter as it crosses the cutters blades
  • APPLICATIONS: Works seamlessly as one of the most effective table saw accessories on the market, but also performs exceptionally well with jointer and router table applications
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Dual end push handles that feature a super comfortable grip, while allowing you to achieve optimal pushing force and steady control as you push through the blade
  • QUALITY: The push block body is made with high grade foam plastic for durability and the push pad is crafted out of premium foam rubber for dependable gripping action

Deluxe Design

Unlike some push sticks and blocks on the market, this deluxe version is not meant for a one-and-done application.  We’ve designed this push block with a high-grade durable foam plastic frame, perfect for everyday wear and tear.  It’s foam rubber pad will deliver smooth and dependable gripping action on your wood material.

Commonly Used Applications

  • Push Block for Table Saw
  • Push Block for Router Table
  • Push Block for Jointer

Additional Specs

  • Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 15-7/8"x 5-1/2" high (push handle)
  • Frame: Foam Plastic
  • Pad: Foam Rubber



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -