71339P2 Deluxe Push Block Ergonomic Handle with Max Grip 2PK

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Product Overview

Introducing the Deluxe Max Grip Push Block by POWERTEC.

  • FUNCTION: Provides added hand safety while guiding wood for sawing and cutting - allowing you to maintain a firm and steady downward pressure of the workpiece, without the bounce or chatter as it crosses the cutters blades
  • APPLICATIONS: Push blocks are commonly used for face jointing, ripping plywood, routing and other woodworking applications
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: These premium pushblocks were designed for durability, maximum control and engineered with a safety first approach to woodworking
  • DELUXE GRIP: Features an easy grip, ergonomic handle that’s safe, easy to work with and feels natural in the hand

If you’ve ever injured your hand operating power or table saw equipment while maneuvering stock materials – then you know the importance of hand safety, and keeping them away from blades and cutters.  Whether you’re a novice or experienced DIY type of person, taking the necessary steps towards preventing accidents is part of being a professional.

This well crafted and premium version push block (sometimes referred to as push pads) are the perfect addition to any safety or woodworking tool set.  Not only do they help keep your hands out of harms way, but they reduce the risk of kickback, often resulting in smoother cuts, producing a more efficient and professional looking finish no matter how small or large the work.  But essentially, they are used to help maintain a firm and consistent downward pressure on your stock.  When used at the leading end of your work-piece, this powerful, yet simplistic safety tool boast an impressive grip strength using it’s natural slip resistant rubber friction pads, and help prevent scratching.  They’ll help grip the stock and hold on tight as you guide/ push wood through much easier.

This deluxe version will seamlessly replace your small, old and worn out push blocks.  With it’s large exterior, you can cut your work time in half, working with more material at one time.  It’s max grip handle gives you maximum control, allowing you to work without having to shift midway during application (which can be extremely unsafe).  These woodworking tool accessories provide optimal versatility, and can be used in a variety of woodworking applications:

  • Face Jointing
  • Flattening Boards
  • Routing
  • Ripping
  • & more!



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