70149 Dust Control Flex Cuff with Hose Clamps 4"


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Product Overview

The POWERTEC Dust Control Flex Cuff with Hose Clamps, 4-Inch, delivers an airtight connection from one dust-collection fitting to another of comparable size, while eliminating the need for flimsy duct tape connections or other permanent fasteners. Firm yet pliable rubber construction allows enough flexibility to bridge slight diameter differences in hose or tubing. Pre-molded indents on the cuff allows for easy, airtight clamp installation. Handy set includes one rubber cuff and two steel hose clamps.

  • INCLUDES: (1) Flexible Hose Cuff Coupler with (2) Dust Hose Clamps
  • Designed to airtight connection of two fittings or hoses without using duct tapes
  • Rubber construction provide flexibility to bridge slight diameter differences
  • A pair of hose clamps included
  • Both ends measures 4-9/16-Inch O.D. and 4-5/64-Inch I.D.
  • Connect to 4-Inch O.D. adapters or hoses

Our Customers Have

  • Connected 4” PVC pipe to 4” blast gate
  • Joined a table saw to a dust sheriff as a temporary solution
  • Connected a 4” table saw sawdust exit to a shop vac adapter
  • Used along with the POWERTEC 4” Reducer to connect a shop vac to planer

“No matter whether you own one or five of these, the wide range of practical applications are endless.”



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