55-Inch Guide Rail Track for DeWalt Track saw

$74.99 - $149.99

Product Overview

Introducing the Guide Rail and Connector Set by POWERTEC~ You can choose Guide Rail or Kits Set

This exclusive rail saw guide is your high quality Track Saw track solution for optimized track saw cutting operations that ensure precision cuts every time - and available at an especially attractive price point.

  • FUNCTION: This exclusive track saw track connector kit conveniently helps you to align your saws, while connecting one (DeWalt) guide rail to another (DeWalt) guide rail
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from professional grade extruded aluminum for high performance use, long lasting durability and dependable rust resistance for all of your track saw applications and woodworking projects
  • COMPATIBILITY: The 55” guide rails work seamlessly with DeWalt Track Saws

This hard to find, all-in-one kit features a convenient combo of high quality guide rails and compatible connectors.  A terrific value, this exclusive set provides you with a dependable guide rail system for optimized track saw cutting operations.  The included tracks will help align your saw for precision cuts, delivering professional results.  Each track acts as an optimizer, providing consistency and impressively accurate results, while saving you time and design with controlled assembly.  The connectors can be used individually to connect a limitless number of DeWalt guide rails.  They are designed to fit in integrated guide rail T-slots for secure cutting, and can also be used for connecting DeWalt templates.

Premium Build

The track saw guide rails are constructed out of extruded aluminum.  The extrusion process helps make the most out of the unique combination of physical characteristics that help excel this material in both, indoor and cold-weather applications.  Each component in this set is non-corrosive and highly durable.


  • DeWalt Track Saw
  • DeWalt Plunge Saw
  • Check manufacturer for other models



(1) TrackSaw Track

  • Measures:  55"
  • Please Note:  A track connector is required to connect/ join two tracks.


(2) Track Saw Guide Rails

  • Measures:  55”  (4ft 7in)
  • Headless metric set screw, M6x1.0P, length 6mm

(1)  Guide Rail Connectors


Please Note:  1 Guide Rail Connectors are required to connect/ join ONE guide rail to another.


The POWERTEC Guide Rail Connectors can be bought separately by searching item #71358

The POWERTEC Quick Screw Guide Rail Clamp can be bought separately by searching item #71409 / 71410



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