30 Gallon (124 Liter) Compostable Bags

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124 Liter

Product Overview


Introducing the (30 Gallon) Green Compost Bags by POWERTEC.

These 100% eco-friendly bags are designed to help give organic waste a new life. They are completely compostable, which mean they break down and get absorbed by the earth. Unlike traditional plastic bags, these ultra sustainable products are BPA FREE and derived from natural plant starch.  They can be readily composted at home or with organic waste in municipal composting facilities.  Each box includes (20) compostable bags to a single roll and are perfectly suitable as 30 gallon compostable bags for large compost bins and similar sized applications.

  • COMPOST BAG SIZE:  32.5 Inches x 40 Inches with a capacity up to 33 Gallons (124 Liter) – fitting most large sized compost bins
  • USES:  Perfect option for environment friendly composting garbage disposal, compostable kitchen bags for food and scraps, and backyard & outdoor waste pickup
  • STRONG & THICK: These compostable bags are extra thick at 1.1 Mil, delivering an anti-tear and leak proof composting material with proper usage
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  Polyethylene free, these bags are made from plants and meant to replace traditional plastic bags, delivering earth friendly sustainable products
  • PRO GREEN: Bags are BPI certified to meet the North American ASTM D6400 specification and are also listed European Vincotte Certified products, while meeting the OK Compost Home Composting Standard

Did You Know:  Nearly 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling?

  • The POWERTEC Green Compostable Bags are much better for the earth, a lot easier to recycle and will simultaneously help you to save you money of refuse collection.

Did You Know:  Plastic bin bags take thousands of years to degrade and are toxic to the environment?

  • These bags will break down into compost, eliminate landfill, and help the breakdown of toxic gasses.

 “Together, we have the POWER to change the world”

Product Certifications:

  • US BPI
  • European VINCOTTE
  • OK Compost Home Standards



(No reviews yet) Write a Review