Deluxe Bench Dog 3/4" Holes


Product Overview

Introducing the Deluxe Bench Dogs 3/4 (19mm) with Bench Brake Inserts by POWERTEC

Our exclusive bench cookies provide a low-profile, dependable and secure hold of your workpiece onto your workbench - clamps to perfection. With both a square-shaped clamping side (for use with squared stock and wood working vise jig setups), and a curved clamping face (for use with curved and irregular-shaped stock), these handy dogs offer the user versatility, precision and high-utility. Simply put, these handy little multi-taskers work well and deliver a great user experience - every time.

  • Function: These workbench stops provide a safe, non-marring, and secure hold on your wood stock – anchoring them along the edge or on top of your workbench while giving you optimal control, leverage and accessibility for cutting, Painting, routing, and sanding applications
  • Features: a practical, low-profile design that not only increases the precision of your woodworking projects, but improves the safety of your employees (and work pieces) as well – including removable padded bench brakes for an anti-slip work surface and a squared clamping pad that delivers a secure fit. Also included two 3/16” holes where dowels can be inserted for perfect painter's points.
  • Premium build: the bench dogs were constructed out of high quality nylon, delivering strength and uniformity, and come with non-slip ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber bench brake inserts
  • Specs: Total length of each bench dog is 2 inches with a slightly less than 3/4 inch diameter and 1-7/8 inches without the bench brake bump - installs easily by drilling a 3/4” (19mm) diameter bench dog hole and simply press into place


Features, Optimizers and Updates

They feature useful nonslip rubber inserts, called bench brakes (made of superior EVA), that are placed inside your bench dogs and provide optimal stay-put stock support for projects that require maximum stock clearance. For a nice touch, they are conveniently removable; when placed inside the dogs they create a higher platform, and when placed directly into the bench, (as a stand-alone device) they allow for a lower placement. Additionally, the dogs feature a split-shaft design that allows you to swivel the dog, and still maintain a good, snug fit. Our multi-tasking dogs also feature two holes where dowels can be inserted for perfect painter's points.


Easy Versatile Use

The low-profile design of these premium dogs (19/32" &  15.08mm) holds work stock - that is 5/8”  (15.9mm) or more in thickness - in a dependable stationary placement. And because they are rotatable, they easily and effectively clamp regular, irregular and curved stock alike. Ideal for a wide variety of workbench tasks and operations. Lightweight, yet rugged, they're easy to install and use. They streamline your wood work tasks and work great in your speed clamp projects. For maximum control, leverage and stock clearance you cant go wrong with these superior workbench accessories. Our stops will get you started on your way to perfection.


Great For the Following Work bench Operations:

  • Sawing, Routing & Sanding
  • Cutting & Sawing
  • Chiseling  
  • Planing  
  • Painting & Finishing
  • Gluing and assembling projects
  • Or use with a tail vise
  • Leg viseor end vise - and so much more...



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -