Blue Brew-Pro Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder with 2 Airtight Canisters (BB1007)


Product Overview

Introducing the Exclusive Burr Mill Manual Coffee Grinder Pro by Blue Brew 

This exclusive Hand Coffee Grinder puts professional grade barista skills right in your own hands. This premium bean grinder features a whopping 15 settings - with 8 standard settings and an additional 7 half settings - to ensure that you can make coffee that's specifically suited both to your own taste and to your preferred coffee maker. It's all about customization and precision with this high performing magic-making java grinder. We're picky about our coffee and we like to enjoy the best cup we can whether in our own home relaxing, or on the go. And we like it to be as easy to use as possible and a good value to boot. This manual coffee maker covers all the bases.

Our conical burr mill handheld bean grinder is precision designed to produce an optimized grind that ensures you get the full spectrum of flavors available from your favorite coffee or blend. Simply put, burr coffee equals the most flavorful coffee - and because it's a manual grinder you don't need a plug or batteries, which makes its use more adaptable and versatile. And to top it off our hand coffee grinder is more durable than electric grinders and because it grinds cool it retains all the delicious coffee flavor and delivers it into your brew.

So whether your cozy inside, or out enjoying travel adventures - say on a mountain top somewhere, you can't go wrong with this simple tool for coffee deliciousness. Its the perfect travel grinder or camping coffee grinder or staying home and reading a great book bean grinder or watching a good series coffee grinder.  Basically, it's a great complement to all the things you enjoy doing and all the people you enjoy doing them with.


  • PERFECTION MADE EASY: From a wide hopper that's easy to fill, to an ergonomic handle that's smooth and easy to turn, this precision hand grinder makes it simple for you to craft an impeccable cup of coffee  - its easy to use size and shape fits perfectly into your palm but this bean grinder also comes with a handy self sticking countertop base that securely grips to your counter to give you the option of a stationary grinding spot  - plus it's hopper can accommodate up to 60 grams of coffee beans.
  • CERAMIC BURR MILL METHOD: Its ceramic Conical Burr Mill mechanism is precision engineered and designed - and repeatedly tested - to deliver the smooth and consistent grinding action that ensures that all the specific flavors and aromatics of your favorite bean are unlocked from the bean and unleashed in your final brew - 40 mm capacity grinder burr.
  • GRINDS COOL: Our ceramic burr mill mechanism grinds cool which is ideal because heat at this stage of the process can allow the volatile oils of your coffee grounds to escape into the air - with our ceramic burr grinder all the rich, tasty and healthful oils and flavors of your grind are retained in the coffee grounds for your full coffee experience.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRECISION: With 15 well-marked coffee ground presets, this exclusive coffee bean grinder allows you to customize the exact grind size- from fine to coarse - that works best in your favorite coffee making method - whether its an espresso maker or pour over dripper or French press or Chemex or AeroPress or if making cold brew or cowboy coffee, and more - and that produces the uniform grind quality that gives you the best tasting - most delicious coffee especially suited to your own particular desired flavor profile.
  • GREAT COFFEE ANYWHERE ANYTIME: Easy to pack and carry and store - it's a portable coffee grinder extraordinaire - no need for a plug or even batteries - it's you powered - whether you're at the top of a mountain or cozy at home this attractive, well made grinder will have you covered  - measures in at 6-3/4" in height an 3-1/2" in width and weighs a lightweight 21 oz. - it's the perfect compact coffee grinder. Includes two airtight containers that allow for flexible coffee ground storage.
  • TWO COFFEE STORAGE CONTAINERS: Includes two airtight containers that allow for flexible coffee ground storage.