Anodized Aluminum Straight Edge, Millimeter and Inch (more sizes)

$22.79 - $64.99
Straight Edge

Product Overview


Machined Flat within 0.001/0.003, Anodized Aluminum Straight Edge by POWERTEC

A pre-drilled hole (on broad end of tool) makes for easier storage

  • FUNCTION: A cost effective alternative to determining table surface flatness, engine block flatness, and can be used on other work surfaces, while also able to tune up and align machines such as jointers, planers and various others
  • FEATURES: An ergonomic, thick profile with a ribbed reinforcement for easy gripping, with precision milled edges for true parallel and accurate straightness, plus a hanging hole on the end to help keep your precision woodworking tools organized"
  • ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: This heavy duty straight edge was engineered with lightweight anodized metal providing long-term durability and protection from everyday wear and abrasion
  • VERSATILE: Can be used as a straight edge guide for machines, drafting tool, drawing bar, or even to check cylinder head distortion - the possibilities are endless
  • SCALE: Straight edge ruler measures 2 inches wide, with a 5/16” measuring surface width, and is equipped with a dual sided metric and standard ruler measurement system
  • CONSTRUCTION/DESIGN: Its anodized aluminum construction ensures durability, wear resistance, and lightweight usability. Ribbed reinforcement and a thick solid grip profile protect essential tool integrity

This top quality straight edge tool is precision machined to be accurate so you can quickly and easily detect whether or not your equipment/ work material is out of adjustment or alignment. Additionally, it’s etched in both millimeter and inch calibrations for precise measurements. No matter the size of the project, this item guarantees a flat, leveled surface.

A Solid, Well Made Tool

Unlike its steel competitors, the anodized-aluminum build provides superior protection and lasting durability without warp or rust. Designed with an ergonomic thick profile, this woodworking finishing tool is able to support itself, giving you the flexibility to work “hands free,” greatly improving the flatness verification process and your time management.

A Solid, Well Made Tool

This premium straight edge is constructed for success. Its anodized-aluminum build ensures that this tool is ultra-durable, won't warp or rust, unlike its steel competitors. And because aluminum is lightweight it's much easier to maneuver, making for an easier day's work. A pre-drilled hole (on broad end of tool) makes for easy storage.  Whether you’re in the woodworking, construction automotive, or metal working industry, you’ll find a multitude of uses with this convenient tool.

Exclusive Feature

  • Ribbing on extrusion ensures optimal tool integrity
  • Attached scales allow for ultra-accurate measurement reading
  • Ergonomic, comfortable hand grip
  • Pre-drilled (on broad end of tool) hole for wall storage
  • Made of anodized aluminum its lightweight design provides complete maneuverability




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