75054 Self Cleaning Dustless Technologies Vacuum Bags-3 PK

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Product Overview

Introducing the self-cleaning Dustless Technologies Vacuum Bags by POWERTEC.

These premium OEM replacement bags were designed to work in collaboration with the Dustless Technologies Wet/ Dry Vac, in addition to an assortment of other standard shop vacuum cleaners.  They work effectively in tandem as a filter and dust bag, capturing microscopic particles, dirt and debris.  Whether you’re using your vacuum to capture drywall, dust or water, these wet/ dry vac bags will retain their integrity, filtration strength and power. 

Featuring a premium 5 ply line of fleece protection, these bags possess an impressive micro-filtration level of 99.97%, thus improving your ability to trap the majority of particles as tiny as 0.00005 centimeters in diameter.  Not only do these cost effective bags do most of the heavy lifting up front, but they ensure very little dust actually reaches the vacuum filter – extending the lifespan of your filter (by 10 times) for continued usage.  These premium vacuum accessories not only filter and eliminate particles from the air, but they have the capacity to hold large amounts (up to 40lbs) of dirt and debris, providing you with a long-lasting dust busting solution.  When you’re done with the bag, simply peel back the side opening of the disposable bag, seal it, and discard it safely.

  • INCLUDES: (3) Wet Dry Vac Pre-Filter Bags
  • DUAL APPLICATION: Designed to work as both, a filter and bag, this item filters 99.97% (at 0.3micron) of microscopic particles, while capturing dust and debris for optimal filtration and vacuum effectiveness
  • MATERIAL: Constructed from 5 layers of premium ply fleece fabric, these long-lasting bags provide multiple layers of protection and are capable of holding up to 40 lbs of dry debris, while retaining their strength and filtration power
  • EASY TO USE: These bags feature a sealable peel and stick opening for easy installation, and provide you with an easy and safe solution to disposal
  • COMPATIBILITY: Universal design allows these bags to work seamlessly with Dustless Technologies 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac or 16-Gallon HEPA Vac AND compatible with most wet and dry vacuums


  • Dustless Technologies 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
  • 16-Gallon HEPA Vac
  • Works universally for major brand wet dry vacs