75052 Fleece Filter Bag for Makita Vacuum Dust Extractor VC4710, 12 Gallon- 5 PK

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Per Piece and pay only $30.06 each and pay only $29.44 each

Product Overview

Introducing the Fleece Filter Bag for Makita VC4710 Wet/Dry Vac by POWERTEC.

These professional grade self-cleaning filter bags are designed to provide you with a cost effective and hassle free alternative to replacing your high performance filters in your Makita VC4710 Extractor. Whether you’re at home or in a professional industrial setting, these POWERTEC originals are the perfect solution to collecting dust and debris and other pollutants with optimal results.

  • VALUE/ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Pack of (5) premium fleece filter bags ; Each vacuum cleaner filter bag not only acts as the initial stage of dust filtration, but also serves as a cost effective debris extractor, extending the life of your expensive Makita HEPA filter
  • PURPOSE: Successfully traps dust, and works as a pre-filter replacement dust collector bag – keeping the inside of your vacuum clean and free of debris, allergens and up to 99.97% of particles
  • COMPATIBILITY: Self-Cleaning filter bag works exclusively with the Makita Wet/Dry Vacuum model VC4710
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Tear resistant bags are made from high-quality fleece cloth material for long lasting effectiveness
  • EASY DISPOSAL: Our disposable Makita Fleece bags allow you to easily discard and replace your existing Makita vacuum filter bags with a 100% hassle-free option – eliminating build up or a messy tank that may cost you in the long term


Made with tear resistant, 5-ply fleece cloth material, this replacement filter bag was designed with a HEPA style construction, ensuring that you’re equipped with a reliable particulate matter filter that safely and effectively captures dust, allergens and other fine particles (up to 99.97%).

Using standard Makita filter bags can cause a strain on your Makita Vacuum motor, resulting in premature burnout, decreased performance, and an increase in YOU purchasing more replacements? Our 12 gallon nano filter bags prevent that.

POWERTEC fleece HEPA filter bag acts as a long-lasting preliminary filtering screen for the Makita Dust Extractor filter, without impacting the performance of your vacuum, and provides you with double the amount of effectiveness in your dust extraction. Click the “Add to Cart” button today… and save tomorrow.