3/8"-16 Hex Serrated Flange Lock Nut-Inch series, 25 PK (QLN1301)

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Product Overview


Hex Serrated Flange Lock Nut by POWERTEC

  • Function: These rugged, high-performing nuts provide a secure and solid grip on your stock that won’t come loose or rotate during heavy torque or vibrations.
  • Features: the serrated flange on the nut acts as an integrated WASHER, effectively spreading out and distributing pressure evenly at the site. The serrated flange, by biting into the stock, maximizes resistance to secure a dependable, vibration-resistant lock that won’t move.
  • Potent build: constructed of zinc-plated carbon steel that ensures durability, lasting use and wear resistance. Precision machined for accurate dimensions and clean, Sturdy threads.
  • Application: Great for anytime you need a locked in, non-rotating fastening. Suitable for use in heavy vibration environments, when fastening on uneven mating surfaces, or when the attachment hole is uneven or too large.

This essential lock nut delivers a solid, non-rotating, locking hold on your work piece, even in your high vibration applications. Featuring a precision serrated flange, acting as an integrated washer, that evenly distributes the pressure on a wider area of your stock to ensure optimal fastening. Great for use when attaching uneven mating surfaces, or when the installation hole is over-sized or poorly aligned. Great for a wide variety of attachment applications, from all purpose to heavy duty. Constructed of durable steel for lasting use and zinc-plated for wear resistance. Whether you’re a professional or DIY’r, you can’t go wrong with this pack of high-performing nuts. Strong connections make for perfect projects.

  • Zinc-plated steel build for durability and wear resistance
  • Promotes non-rotating solid connections in your projects
  • Serrated profile of the flange evenly distributes torque
  • Provides solid fastening even in high-vibration environments
  • Won’t loosen even in heavy-duty applications



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