Blue Brew-Double-Filtered Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Stand(BB1005)


Product Overview

Introducing the Dual Filter Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper by Blue Brew.


This Blue Brew premium quality drip cone coffee maker was designed to put the control right in the palm of your hands. Without over-complicated instructions or time inducing steps, it delivers a more personalized pour over experience, allowing you to regulate pouring speeds, brew strength and temperature. Ultimately, this results in the full extraction of aromatic notes, natural coffee oils, and delicious flavors to give you the cup of coffee you desire (and deserve).


Blue Brew Coffee Dripper Cone:

★ Features an anti-slip & heat resistant silicone hand grip for safe handling.

★ Constructed out of stainless steel with a dual mesh filter for professional quality filtration.

★ Fits perfectly over most coffee mugs, thermoses, and single serve coffee pots.

★ Base possesses a funnel shape that seamlessly guides the coffee down into your cup without spillage.

★ Perfect size cone to make one to four cups of coffee.

★ 100% Reusable and Dishwasher Safe.


Package Includes: (1) Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper with Build-In Stand

Material: Stainless Steel

Hand Grip Material: Silicone


Order the Blue Brew Coffee Dripper Cone w/ Stand today and discover the art of coffee.



- INCLUDES: (1) Coffee Dripper Cone (serves 1 – 2 cups of coffee)

- PURPOSE: To improve your brewing experience, while providing you with an easy-to-use, premium quality tool for making barista-like pour over coffee at home or on the road

- DUAL LAYER FILTER: Our Blue Brew stainless steel coffee cone dripper possesses a laser cut, double layered mesh filtration, allowing natural oils and nutrients to pass through, without the acidity – also keeps grounds from getting into your coffee

- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: With a simple rinse, this eco-friendly filter is easy to clean, 100% reusable, and eliminates the need for expensive disposable paper filters that banalize your perfect cup-o-joe

- COMPATIBLE: This single serve drip coffee cone is dishwasher safe, sits snug on top most coffee mugs, cups and thermoses, plus it works seamlessly with Chemex, Osaka, Hario, Bodum and other branded carafes