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71115 Aluminum Straight Edge, 38-Inch


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Product Description

Get the precision advantage with the 38-Inch POWERTEC Aluminum Straight Edge when you need to accurately determine the flatness of your work-surfaces, tables and stock, or in setting up/aligning jointer, saw, drill-press, planer, and in/out feed tables. Woodworking excellence demands nothing less than flat, level surfaces whenever and wherever they are required. That's where this handy device comes in. Because the reference edge of this tool is impeccably machined to be accurate to within 0.002-Inches, you can accurately detect if any of your equipment or work material is out of adjustment and alignment, thus effectively saving time, money and hassle.
Featuring both an innovative design that holds many improvements over more traditional straight edges. Its thick contoured shape means that it is less apt to slide or shift compared to the thinner ruler-shaped straight edge. Thus user is provided the maximized stability needed to proceed with confidence. The extra girth also means that this precision tool can support itself; this feature greatly improves the flatness-verification process because you don't have to hold the accessory as you work. The ruler-shaped straight edges are also more susceptible to losing the integrity of their machined flatness, but the thicker contoured POWERTEC straight edge won't bend; this makes for greater accuracy in all your flatness diagnostic applications.  A contoured shape also on the tool's flank maximizes user control, comfort and safety (no sharp edges on the gripping side.) Its generous length greatly increases its usefulness in larger-scale applications. And a pre-drilled hole (on broad end of tool) makes for easy storage.
This premium straight edge is constructed for success. Its anodized-aluminum build ensures that this tool is ultra-durable and won't warp or rust, unlike its steel competitors. And aluminum is lightweight, so it's much easier to manage and maneuver, thereby making for an easier day's work and a happier back.

Whether you're in the woodworking, construction, automotive, or metalworking industry, you will find a multitude of uses with the POWERTEC Aluminum Straight Edge. It saves time and hassle because you only have to do the job once; and with accurate table setup, all of your jobs will go more smoothly. You'll wonder how you ever got along without this high-performing device. Great tools mean satisfied, productive and happy woodworkers.

. Full 38-Inches of tool's length is guaranteed to be machined within 0.002-Inches

. Provides an accurate, easy check for straightness, flatness, and parallelism

. Ergonomic and comfortable hand grip for enhanced ease of use

. Anodized aluminum construction insures optimal stability and durability

. Useful in woodworking, metal working, construction and automotive applications

. Check your tri-square blade or work stock, set knives, wood floors, parallelism

. Pre-drilled hole for wall storage

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